unlimited-change in soul

A few days ago, I posted this on my personal FB page…

“… research shows we operate largely with subconscious minds that have been programmed by others. As humans we have the amazing ability to change past conditioning. We can achieve this by releasing negativity…engaging in uplifting activities. In this way we can develop new positive ways of living and begin to clear the subconscious of all that does not serve us. True transformation is brought about by … attention (focus) and intention (clear vision of a desired outcome). Attention energizes and intention transforms. What we place our attention on expands in our lives. And our intention for the object of our attention will orchestrate the forces of the universe to support our desired result. Harnessing this power … you can change your life to reflect exactly what you envision. Entering into the field of all possibilities…allows us to bear witness to our co-creative powers and change any situation in our lives.” – Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Over a month ago I embarked on this free mediation challenge sponsored by Deepak focused specifically on abundance. That is, establishing the belief there is enough to go around in this world, and learning to create whatever it is I want in this life by removing all self-imposed blocks. I enjoyed it so much and legitimately experienced some life altering abundance in that short time that I started over earlier this week.

The blurb is from one of the sessions and hit me 1000x heavier this time than it did just 3 short weeks ago. Please take a moment to read it over and over again. So many of us want change and have been taking small steps in the last few days to get there. Though real change, systemic change, starts with each of us as individuals. It starts with us realizing and genuinely believing change can happen and that we must work pretty damn hard on ourselves to make it happen. This isn’t someone else’s problem. This is collectively our problem as single entities living as part of the whole. We are capable of completely reconditioning our minds and hearts to truly live in an “all lives matter” world. But first we must make the choice to look at ourselves in the mirror and admit to whom we’ve failed and to ensure they know we mean it this time.

“What we place our attention on expands in our lives.”

  • What have you been focusing on up to now?
  • How has that served you?
  • How has that served those around you?
  • What could you focus on moving forward so that every human expands and truly believes they matter?

The only way to affect real change is to change the minds and hearts one person at a time.

But there’s more …

After thinking more about this post and building on the idea of abundance, I want to address what I believe to be the most fundamental tenet on the topic. “There is enough to go around”. Let me repeat: “There is enough to go around.” This applies to love, compassion, empathy, health, well-being, wealth – whatever you can dream of, the Source (God, the universe, whatever) created enough for everyone!

For millennia, we’ve convinced ourselves there’s “only so much to have”. I call BS!

Just because someone else wins or prospers doesn’t mean the rest of us automatically lose! However, our entire societal infrastructure is built on the exact opposite belief. It’s built for only a handful to “win”. It’s built to protect [white] egos vs. providing the opportunity for everyone to step in and reap the rewards.

Imagine what the world would be like if we ALL believed there was enough to go around? And we consistently lifted EVERYONE up despite our differences to ensure no one EVER doubted that thought for even a second?

I’m fully aware that I am a white woman. That biological fact cannot be changed. I’m also aware the concept of white privilege hasn’t added another hurdle for me to overcome. It doesn’t mean my life has been easy, it just means that my skin color hasn’t made it any harder. I recognize people may say, “all of this is easy for you to say because the system is built for you and you’ve never experienced the atrocities black people or other minorities have.” Another fact that cannot be changed. Though it doesn’t make my new solidified belief in abundance any less true or insignificant. Because here’s the thing, in full transparency, I used to be someone who believed there was only a limited amount to go around. I was competitive. I was judgmental. I wanted to win at all costs because I thought if I didn’t get my share when I wanted it I never would. I believed I had to beat anyone and everyone who challenged me. I never consciously attributed that to anyone of a specific color or other demographic label different than mine, but up until 18 months ago I was living through my collective subconscious mind. The one we all carry around built by those around us. For over 3 decades I’ve lived in a very homogeneous communities, so yeah, my competition was likely much more pronounced with those who aren’t like me.

I can’t go back and change my past, but I can completely step into my abundant conscious mind and create a new future. Such that whomever I interact with, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political belief, whatever, unequivocally knows I’m in their corner and rooting for them. That said, this isn’t the end of my road to support the path of getting to “all lives matter”. My soul has significantly changed. Though like any development journey, it’s never really over. And that rings true for all of us – no matter what side of the issue(s) we fall. We all have quite a bit of reprogramming to do if our current condition is ever to be corrected and our subconscious minds wiped clean.

So where do we go from here?

Whether you buy into anything I’ve said, the very real fact is that the challenge of sub- or unconscious bias lives in everyone. So what do we do? A s**t ton of soul searching and correcting. Plain and simple.

We ask ourselves the hard questions to clear our hearts, minds, and souls of what we’ve told ourselves about other people who are different than us.

  • Where do my sub- or unconscious biases lie?
  • What have I been placing my attention on? For the last 12 months? For the last 12 days?
  • What has expanded in my world as a result? In the world of those around me?
  • What would the world would be like if we ALL believed there was enough to go around?
  • What if I consistently lifted EVERYONE up despite our differences to ensure they never doubted my support?
  • How have I been lifting those like me? Not like me?
  • How have I been tearing down those like me? Not like me?
  • What would it feel like to live in a world where all lives truly mattered?
  • What have I done in the last week to create that world?
  • What have I done in the last week to step further away from that world?
  • What belief do I want to adopt to live and embody “all lives matter”?

From here on out, we constantly remind ourselves, “What we place our attention on expands in our lives.” And we collectively place our attention and intention on abundance for anyone and everyone.