Colleen Drennen Pfaller, founder and CEO of A Slice of HR, a staple HR fractional consulting firm in Cincinnati, OH, joined us to talk about unemployment – what it is, what it isn’t, who it’s for, and how to properly approach it from an HR and employee perspective. Colleen’s infectious energy and deep knowledge brings clarity to and removes the stigma around this often sticky topic.

Colleen’s top takeaways:

  • Don’t believe everything you hear … or think: Unemployment is insurance. It’s a safety net when you find yourself out of a job through no fault of your own. If you’ve worked for a company, you’ve paid into it starting with your first job. It is NOT the equivalent to welfare. It’s intended to bridge the gap between your previous role and your next role.
  • Covid has changed the benefit a bit: Every state is doing it’s own thing, so be sure to review the guidelines to familiarize yourself with those guidelines. In addition to what your state is doing, the federal government offers another $600/week.
  • HR’s role: Understand the regulations and laws. Communicate clearly and consistently to employees. Point them to the right resources. Approach each person with empathy during the difficult time.
  • Employee’s role: Give yourself some grace. The situation was completely unexpected and threw you for a loop. You’re allowed to feel hurt by it and take some time to root through those emotions. Recognize it will take time to get back on your feet. Unemployment bridges the gap, it doesn’t mean you have to run to the next thing. Take your time. Sort through what you really want and be intentional about your next job search. You’ve been given a break. Use it to your advantage.

Check out the full episode here.

Not sure why the video quality suffers at the beginning. Bear with us. It bounces back.

Colleen left us with a great parting thought:

“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.”

-Maya Angelou

When in doubt … connect. Show humanity. Accept humanity. It’s what we’re all searching for in every moment – and particularly when we’ve spent 2+ months separated from one another.

If you’d like to know more about Colleen and/or A Slice of HR services, contact her directly on LinkedIn or go on to the company website.