unlimited leader - engagement

John McCarthy, CEO of The Purpose Promise, talks about finding empathy to connect with displaced employees in the Covid-19 world. The “new normal” labor market will be even more competitive than it was before it all started, so how HR and business leaders treat employees now will hugely affect recruitment, lasting engagement, and ultimately company culture and retention in the new normal.

Key takeaway from today’s discussion:

  • Employees, especially those displaced, want to be seen and heard. Employers who reach out will make a positive impact. The displaced employees will feel seen and heard letting them know the employer truly cares for them.
  • Approach employees with empathy vs. sympathy. By channeling authenticity and vulnerability, HR and business leaders demonstrate that each employees’ safety and well-being are at the center of their concern.
  • It’s not too late to start reaching out for any companies that haven’t been. It sends the message that you’re in this with them. You may not have all the answers or a defined plan, but you’re there for them and willing to support them in whatever way you can.
  • The post-Covid market will look very different than the pre-Covid market. The gig economy is on the rise and it’s imperative for HR and business leaders to know and articulate where they stand to attract top talent.

Learn more about John and the rest of the Purpose Promise team at: https://www.purposepromise.org/covid19 and listen to the Purpose Promise Podcast.