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Today’s Discomfort …

These last 165 uninterrupted days with my boys have been TRYING to say the least. I’ve been quite miserable and struggled to find inspiration to move forward. More days than not I felt lost and uncomfortable. I lost my shit more times than I can count over things that normally wouldn’t bother me.

It actually served me to feel that anger to get it out, though the aftermath between us was ugly. Once my energy (re)settled, we’d talk about what happened – what was behind my anger, frustration, resentment, annoyance. I’d ask what was behind theirs. We’d share our thoughts and feelings to learn from the experience. Yes, we kept getting angry, but every conversation got us closer to the true root of it all.

That root? Space. It’s vitally important; especially from those we love the most. Going off and having our own adventures allows us to flex the muscles we learn at home. To push boundaries on our capabilities. To learn from those outside our family unit … because some times other people do things more effectively and gaining that exposure is INVALUABLE.

… is Tomorrow’s Strength

So today my boys venture out into a whole new world; not only new grades, but new school procedures, new expectations, new ways of doing life, and I trust they’ve learned a great deal about themselves to prepare them. I venture into a new chapter reinvigorated, refreshed, and renewed having been through some extremely uncomfortable times and learning SO MUCH MORE about myself:

  • Space and time to think are vitally important to my physical and mental well-being
  • Autonomy is solidified as my #2 value. When it’s threatened, I have a REALLY hard time holding it together.
  • Resentment can consume me. I struggle to release its grip until I physically name it aloud and allow myself to really feel it.

When work gets uncomfortable…

Regardless of field, industry, or individual role, we all feel discomfort on the job. That discomfort can be fleeting, or it can linger for 165 days (or longer). You’re angry, frustrated, resentful, annoyed. You want more, but you’re lost and uncomfortable.

Absolutely! Anger, misery, lack of inspiration followed by discomfort because of the unknown are perfectly normal. So take a step back:

  • What’s the root of my painful emotions?
  • Where is the anger, frustration, boredom, discomfort coming from?
  • How have these emotions served me?
  • When did I feel setbacks because of them?
  • What have I learned about myself (that I didn’t know before)?

… Build your strengths

The first step in learning from your experiences is to dive deep into your person. Meaning you’ve got to tour the inner depths of your heart and mind to understand and optimize the thoughts, feelings, and actions that drive you, and transform those that don’t. Self awareness is the single most important factor in building your strengths and determining your ongoing development and success.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not at all, 10 being I know myself in and out, how do you rate yourself awareness?

How does that rating compare to where you want it to be? Is there a significant gap?

Looking to reduce discomfort? Find your strengths? Let’s connect. As a coach, I focus specifically on deepening your self awareness and establishing your leadership lifestyle to maximize your comfort and strengths. I’ve got 5 client spots available for breakthrough coaching sessions.

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