unlimited leader - unshakable leadership

Today Stephanie Polen, executive coach and CEO of The Polen Group, joined us to talk about how to infuse unshakable leadership practices as we step into our “next normal”. Stephanie intentionally coined the phrase next normal vs. new normal to remind us that not everything we were doing was all terrible. There were a lot of things we did very well, but of course there’s room for improvement.

Key takeaways from Stephanie’s zone of genius:

  • Similar to airline protocol, take care of yourself first. As HR and business leaders poised to direct others, take time to outline your next normal before encouraging your teams/organizations to do the same.
  • Turn to your strengths for inspiration. If you’ve taken any sort of personality or attitudinal assessment, lean on what you learned do well. Utilize your innate strengths to find motivation and fortitude to move forward intentionally.
  • Tap into your ideal feeling state. Pinpoint what you want to feel as the result of something rather than the action of doing it. Detach yourself from the outcome. Focus on how you want to feel. Consciously seek to find your ideal feeling state today. You’re not beholden to finding it with specific tasks. (Example: You want to finish a project. Your actual “goal” may be the feeling of pride vs. the project itself. Knowing pride is your outcome, how can you find it before you finish the project?) *NOTE* Similar concept discussed here
  • Ask yourself these 3 questions to start shaping your next normal:
    • What do you want to leave behind?
    • What do you want to carry forward?
    • What are 3 words you want to describe your next normal?

Watch the full session here *NOTE* Technical difficulties with Stephanie’s camera. Her beautiful face isn’t there, but her wisdom and expertise shines through that much more! Contact Stephanie at stephanie@thepolengroup.com to gain access to her framework and the handout she referenced in the video.