This week marked our HR Chat Series Kick Off. Last week I connected with a few former colleagues and we got to talking how we can give back to the HR community that’s doing so much to guide, manage, and protect their companies and its employees through these unprecedented times. Those who are making quick and sometimes incomplete decisions based on rough and unfinished information. Those who are gathering lists of individuals who will receive a salary reduction, furlough, or layoff and then communicating that 100s of times and carrying the collective weight of them long after they’re over. Those who are struggling to support themselves behind the scenes because they’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and scared of the uncertainty themselves.

The overarching vision is to provide encouragement, inspiration, a chance to laugh, and a chance to learn for official and unofficial HR leaders!  Our focus is to be to be insanely simple, insanely valuable, and insanely immediate. We start each week with something fun or funny, showcase a subject matter expert who will  provide usable content, and give those who have the HR title or play it in their organizations, a chance to breathe, laugh, and respond.

In today’s session we talked about the change curve model from Vicki Shillington.

Phase 1: Chaos/Frenetic energy – eyes on HR to lead the way >> emotions ramp, quick decisions are made based on fear and incomplete information

Phase 2: Acceptance/Settle in – get used to what’s happening >> everyone’s finding some comfort in working from home; focus on one thing at a time with an emphasis on self care

Phase 3: New normal/re-entry – eyes back on HR >> gear up for what’s coming including re-ramped emotions; time to tap into creativity and innovation to be of highest value for the organization

One thing is for certain. We’re not going back to the way things used to be. How can we use this time to actively influence the new normal and create work environments that are inviting, inclusive, and full of unlimited leadership and potential?