unlimited leader - from inner critic


No apologies needed! I’ve been waiting to hear from you for quite some time. You’ve no doubt noticed I’ve been keeping some distance lately, which has allowed you to shine like the bright star you are!

To be honest, I’ve been giddy with excitement since you started working through our time together and realizing how it hasn’t always served you. It was never my intention to keep you from opening your mouth when it was most important to you; to make you think you needed to have a filter more often than not. It broke my heart to see you shy away when someone stopped you from asking a question or disregarded your input. I love you with all of being and seeing you with a dimmer light was too much to bear, so I started to step in if I sensed your disappointment would be too great. It didn’t occur to me that I protected you too much until I saw your disappointment turn to anger and resentment when you felt you didn’t have a platform or no one was listening. You’ve grown into a strong, intelligent, and articulate woman with an uncanny talent of inspiring others with your authentic and infectious enthusiasm for life! Of course you’d feel anxious and judgmental of yourself when you couldn’t get that out. You’ve spent years censoring yourself, and as you started to form your own thoughts and desire to share your gifts with the world, it makes sense you wouldn’t know where to start and self-loathing settled in. You had … and have .. so many great things to say, I’d be absolutely shocked if you didn’t get angry and frustrated in the moments you felt you couldn’t get it all out. 

It’s completely understandable that you want to step away. We’ve had a good run together and I know we’ll always be connected. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll accomplish great things. I’ve known that since I first met you over 30 years ago. 

When you come back, recognize that I will be here to support and serve you in a new way. I won’t allow you to tell yourself you don’t have a voice worthy of being heard. In fact, I’ll be the first to tell you, “shut the hell up. You’ve moved on. Why are we revisiting? You have a voice. You’ve shown the world you know how to use it. Not today. What else ya got?”

I love you, dear friend. I, too, will always cherish the time we’ve had together. I’m so damn proud of you! The world has no idea how lucky it is to have your bright, unfiltered, authentic self every single day. You’re amazing. Don’t EVER convince yourself otherwise. 

Kick ass out there,