Hey there!

First and foremost, congratulations on exploring the possibility of hiring a coach!

It takes courage to reflect on who you are and what you want out of your life; and furthermore, to take concrete actions for getting yourself there.

The road to self development is challenging. In fact, most would tell you it’s much more physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing than they could ever anticipate. It took me quite some time to nail down “what I wanted to be when I grow up”, and I’m still a work in progress. Like most, I’ve had significant ups and downs, with some of the downs being more than I could handle in the moment. Though now that I look back I’m so grateful for the learning opportunities I’ve had that help me appreciate how far I’ve come.

For 15 years, I excelled as an HR leader. I held positions across all facets of the employee life cycle – talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, employee relations, performance management, talent management, employee and leadership development. Early on, I developed a real passion for employee and leadership development setting my sights on “the ultimate position” as a Talent Development Director, or some variation of that title, so that I could be at the helm of leading programs specific to supporting employees and managers excel at their version of leadership. When I finally reached that Director title, I was sure I had made it! 

How could I not succeed? I had some of the best managers and mentors. I had taken every personality assessment known to man to help me understand my strengths and blindspots. I had developed and executed successful leadership development programs for hundreds of other leaders! How could this not be my time to shine?!

Three months into being a Director I was miserable; and as time dragged on it only got worse for everyone. I was so overwhelmed trying to support the team’s development, to keep a handle on my own thoughts and emotions, and of course the everyday work that didn’t seem to stop. I was lost! I didn’t know up from down. So I did the only thing I knew how to do in the face of debilitating overwhelm: retreat and disengage. And then when that didn’t work – well because I was the leader – I’d pop out of my shell guns blazing trying to take out anyone I could because if I was going down everyone else was coming with me!

How was it not working?! I knew what it meant to be a successful leader. I had a good handle on what motivates me and what triggers me. I had supported so many others in becoming more effective leaders. What was going on?! 

The answer? I had a handle on the what and how, but I didn’t have a clue as to the why

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment that I started to understand why I thought and felt the way that I did and how it affected my actions. (Or, my inactions). While I had knowledge of how I was showing up, which I knew wasn’t ideal, the ELI™ defined my energy in tangible terms and helped me uncover exactly what it meant to me specifically. Once that awareness was coupled with Core Energy Coaching™, true transformation happened! My coach created a safe and comfortable space for me to explore the why of my thoughts and feelings even further, which led me to unearth several limiting beliefs I had created for myself over the years that were holding me back in so many ways. Beliefs that affected my success as a leader, as well as all other areas of my life.

The weight of self-judgment and guilt was lifted almost instantaneously. I learned whatever I feel is completely up to me; no one can force it, no one can change it but me. I learned to cut myself some slack. Most importantly I learned, and finally truly believed, I am fully equipped and capable of living the life [as a leader] that I’ve always dreamed. It was through this experience I became so in tune with who I really am that I took a leap of faith into coaching. There’s a reason I was drawn to employee and leadership development. It’s my passion. It’s my purpose. It’s my fulfillment. And now, as a certified coach, I can offer the most direct pathway to supporting you in finding the life and leadership voice you’ve always wanted.

Together, we are unique. We are full of potential. We are absolutely and unequivocally unlimited.