If your mind immediately when to Ross Gellar, we’re BFFs.

Every business – regardless of industry, focus, or size – pivots at some point in its journey. If not multiple points. My business was officially opened in November 2019, and has pivoted 4 times. Some of that has to do with me being new to this game and feeling my way through it. The other stuff has to do with it “just not feeling right”. My intuition knows when something just isn’t quite “right”. It does an amazing job of letting me know too; whether or not I listen in the moment.

The first turning point

When Covid-19 hit, I went into support mode. As a business owner and coach, I wanted to put myself in a position to be there for those who didn’t want to go it alone or maybe felt they couldn’t in the moment. My immediate thought went to HR because as a function it hit hard. I lived through the 2008 recession in HR and it wasn’t fun. Spending weeks gathering information on who needs to be let go in silence is thoroughly exhausting. The mental capacity it takes to walk around with 100s of people’s livelihood and well-being in your hands is enough to break anyone – no matter how tough. So I created the HR Chat Series the #otherfrontline. I spoke with a number of people in and outside the industry who supported me and I ran!

Every session has been AMAZING! I’ve re-connected with a lot of great people in my network and met even more! The experience has been nothing short of incredible, and I’m confident attendees have gotten a lot out of the experts who’ve been showcased.

So why change?

Jenny Williams was my guest on the most recent episode. Her mindset moment touched my soul and intuition deeply that day. “If you knew you could always accomplish your dreams, would you dream bigger?” I was a resounding, “HELL YES!” I’ve had loads of fun with the HR space, but I want to take it bigger. And ironically with a more focused audience.

(Nearly) Every marketing guru and/or business coach will tell you, make your niche very specific. Admittedly, I’ve had a hard time with this one as evidenced by my 4 pivots thus far. It wasn’t until Jenny’s question along with some deep meditation and reflection that it finally made sense. As a coach:

  • My clients are wildly successful working moms who down play their superpowers and convince themselves they aren’t special.
  • Though at the same time, my clients feel they’re not stepping into their full potential and want something spectacular for themselves. They are hungry to make a big splash!
  • My clients are tenacious go-getters who take accountability for getting in their own way, but more importantly, want to do the hard work to get out of it!

With this new found clarity, the HR Chat Series is pivoting to focus on this space. The segments will focus on supporting badass working moms whose intuition constantly reminds them they’re capable of so much more, but who’s minds and hearts have convinced them otherwise. #ReleaseYourHero