Jenny Williams, Sr. HR Business Partner with GE Aviation, kicked her servant leadership mindset into high gear when Covid-19 hit. One tiny LinkedIn post about helping displaced workers with their resumes blew up – in the most amazing way! In the last 10 weeks, she’s supported 62 individuals … and still counting … doctor up their resumes and find new positions. Her energy, outlook, and approach to not just this project, but life in general, are truly inspiring!

Who is Jenny?

Jenny has worked in HR for over 20 years. She’s held positions in every aspect of the employee life cycle. From recruiting to performance management to salary design to labor relations and everything in between. She’s seen it all. Her experience runs far and wide. So when she decided to employ her recruiting and resume services, it wasn’t a stretch. She often says, “I’m not unique,” but that certainly isn’t the case – AT ALL. As part of her process, Jenny utilizes a graphic resume template. Something outside the traditional chronological list. Something to spark a recruiter’s interest. She also sends each individual a summary of how to manage a phone interview, as well as a personalized piece of encouragement. Something that speaks to the individual she’s helping. That encouragement is the magic. That encouragement is what makes Jenny and her servant leadership so unique.

Highlights from our chat

  • Values and faith-based leadership brand: Jenny connects herself spiritually to a higher power and has taken a lot of time to develop her closest held values. Every time she needs to make a decision or is presented with a new situation, she gut checks those values. If everything is aligned to them as well as her heart, she moves forward. Living in this way has strengthened her leadership style. Her business partners know they’ll always get authenticity and transparency with her.
  • If you knew all of your dreams would come true, would you dream bigger? Jenny left us with that mindset moment using me as an example. She walked through all the dreams I’ve had in my life to date and how I’ve accomplished nearly all of them. Knowing that I … and you … have achieved most of what we set out to have in our adult lives, how much bigger could we dream knowing we have a history of accomplishment and success behind us? We’ve done what we wanted, what’s stopping us from going that much bigger!?
  • Interested in Jenny’s energy and services? Contact her on LinkedIn. Her InMail is pushing it’s limits, (understandably) but she is organized and process-oriented. Turn around time is quick.

Check out the full episode

I’m so honored to have met Jenny and to feature her on the series! Her energy and outlook align so well to the idea of setting yourself up to accomplish everything you want in this life once you’ve cleared your mind and heart of the things that convince you otherwise. Remember, you are unique. You are full of potential. You are absolutely and unequivocally … unlimited.