unlimited leader- simple message

I sat down for laughter and entertainment. I walked away with a refreshed perspective and a completely new direction for my business. 

Three weeks ago, I embarked on Schitt’s Creek based on resounding recommendations from a few friends. Immediately I found myself completely immersed in the characters; engulfed with their lives, their story lines, their humanity. I know I’m joined by millions when I say the show is so much more than humor, it’s a transformation story about self-discovery, love, inclusion, and connection. I also know that I’m joined by millions of others when I say, I’m a profoundly impacted human having experienced it. 

I was so overcome with emotion following the last episode I couldn’t handle what was running through my mind and heart. My soul was deeply touched by how well the human condition and spirit were represented, I had to journal about it just to get my emotions up and out. In full transparency, I even questioned my own sanity, “ummm this is a TV show. What is going on?” But I couldn’t shake such strong emotions so I journaled about it.

This is what came out. 

What story line pulled me in the most?

David and Patrick


Because of their journeys to self discovery. David couldn’t see how wonderful he was because he wasn’t fully accepting himself. His parents were distant in his formative years, likely creating voids when it came to love and security, which reflected in his inability to trust and let go. Patrick wasn’t living his truth; though it’s likely he didn’t fully know his truth until he met David. David brought it out in him; made him feel comfortable for who and what he was so that he could shine. David wasn’t yet ready to fully accept himself, but he created a space for Patrick to do so, and thus they flourished together.

What was my biggest takeaway?

It was a beautiful story of transformation and self discovery. The message of inclusion and [self] acceptance struck me immediately. We are who we are, and we all deserve to be loved and appreciated for the gifts, talents, and identities we bring to this world. I was inspired by the story of the show’s creation and development as it gained legs; to show that when we put our minds to something and we have a message to share with the world, that there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, that can or should stop us from sharing it. 

In the hour long special following the series, Daniel Levy explained how he brought it all together. For 6 years he stuck to his mission of sharing the message of inclusion and acceptance without beating it over our heads. He created a world where both were given; there were no questions as to whether someone had a space. He presented it in such a humane and dignified way that it’s impossible to not absolutely adore every character for who and what they are regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation/identity. He chose to create awareness around these issues through constructive energy (vs. destructive). And as a result, told one of the most relatable stories ever (regardless of your personal sexual orientation) through television.

What did I learn about myself?

In the simplest terms, I’m driven by transformation.

I want to support others

  • Uncover their personal truths. The power that comes with living out loud, comfortable in our own skin is unmatched and is available to everyone!
  • Believe they are 100% capable of achieving whatever it is they want in this world. To support them in uncovering and flourishing in their absolute and authentic selves in whatever that means to them. 
  • Through major breakthroughs and shifts so that they can accomplish amazing things. 
  • To see themselves for who they truly are and to accept themselves for all that they are. 
  • In releasing themselves from the dead weight they’ve created and to know they are in complete control of creating whatever world they want. One in which inclusion and acceptance for themselves is a given – it’s unquestioned – and thus, extended to others naturally.

I want to build a more inclusive world through the lens of strengthened self awareness and self acceptance.

What does this all mean?

“What did you learn about yourself?” is one of the most powerful questions on this planet. It forces you to take a step back and root through what just came out for you. In that instance, I realized I haven’t been living my truth when it comes to coaching. I started my coaching practice dedicated to supporting the development and growth of leaders. While I believe in the power of effective leadership in the workplace and want to see it grow and flourish to create better work environments, the power and emotion I felt following my Schitt’s Creek experience was too much to ignore. In short, I’m a transformation junkie. My heart and soul soar when I can support someone who, for years has struggled to get out of their own way, and finally realizes they want to break free. They want to change course and realign their life and mission to their new heightened awareness. 

So now I’m in the midst of my own transformation. My coaching practice will shift from leadership to focus on supporting high performers who want to break free from the their own shackles and create a life of their dreams on their terms based on passion and drive. I support those tired of living small and feeling as if they can’t get out of their own way. Those who know they’re capable of so much more, but can’t find the courage or resources to forge a new path. 

The name, Unlimited Leader, still resonates because in our truest forms we are completely unlimited. And it’s when we step into that limitless power, potential, and personal peace that our deepest and most genuine leadership shines through. 

This [new] mission starts now

If you watched any of the Emmy’s last night, then you know Schitt’s Creek took home the first 7 awards of the night. It swept the ENTIRE comedy award line up. There’s no denying the show has reach and speaks to so many things that resonate with millions of us. We all seek transformation in some way. It’s an innate human desire because at some point we all convince ourselves we’re not worthy of living our truths and being accepted for it. And so, let me share this message with you:

Quite simply, you’re the best. You are undeniably worthy of whatever it is you want in this world. Your soul and specific talents are on this earth for a reason. Let your light shine for the world to see. 

Live your truth. Unabashedly you.